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A Camera-less Day

This morning Mom and I capitalized on the insanely beautiful weather and went for a walk down Tryon Street… my old high school crew team stomping grounds.  Apparently it was take-your-tractor-to-work day because we were nearly mauled by a few.  We also ran into some dogs (Mom ran away) and a horse just casually straddling the yellow line.

Then I met one of my very best friends in the world for an iced latte at So. G., a fun little coffee shop in South Glastonbury that I’ve been meaning to try.  We were lucky it was warm enough to sit outside!  I will absolutely be back again.

And a friend from high school served me up my latte which made it even better.

Tonight we went to Fairfield for dinner at our family friends’ house where I finally snagged a taste of Morgan and Dave’s snack chicks.

Check out their website: snackchicks.com

I tried the herb-an chicks and loved them on my salad. Super crunchy and a great stand in for croutons.  They also come in naked chicks, hot chicks and sweet chicks (sounds like a tasty ice-cream topper).

They’re all natural, baked, low-fat, gluten free, cholesterol free and boast 6g of protein per serving.

Here’s the latest CNY Signature I forgot to post.  Love to see all the nice comments for restaurants…Friends Diner

Since I’m on stuffing duty for Thanksgiving this year, I’d love some help!

Standard Stuffing: celery, carrots, onion, bread and seasoning … as simple as you can get.

Sweet Cornbread Stuffing: apple, cranberry, nutmeg, homemade cornbread

Sausage Cornbread Stuffing: Standard + Sausage + Cornbread

Orrrrrrrr… some sort of combo.  Suggestions welcome!





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