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Wine & Winnie

Tonight we family dined.  Mom prepped the chicken yesterday and tonight I baked it with a mustard and berry compote (frozen raspberries, blueberries & blackberries, dijon, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and pepper… boiled and reduced) then greens with feta and roasted acorn squash, apple, carrot and onion.

And since Dad never disappointments  in the ice cream department, I had greek yogurt with cocoa topped with peppermint stick ice cream.  Peppermint ice cream = winter.

Tonight I had some wine with Winnie the Pooh and some friends (real ones, not stuffed animals).

Post Screening Deductions & Queries:

-Pooh, at times, sounds like Julia Child

-I still want to get a basset hound and name it Eeyore

-All of the characters did not pursue higher education (they’re so dumb it hurts)

-Christopher Robin wears a hat that looks like a yarmulke

-Did Christopher Robin have a british accent when we were children?

-Rabbit sucks.  He’s a self serving arsehole.

-Gopher was no where to be found.  I loved Gopher.  Where was Gopher?

-Kanga is the only female.  Where is her main man? Does she have to hustle the 100 acre woods to support her family of two?

That is all.


Corn not Kern

Today was a glorious day.  Promptly at 10am, I flung open my bedside window, and surprise, surprise… it was gorgeous out.

This weekend a few friends who studied abroad with us drove up to visit.  An iced Americano from Recess + a BMC from Mom’s Diner + Aussie ladies = a happy morning.

Hint: BMC = Moms’ fancy acronym for a broccoli, mushroom, and cheese egg white omelet.

THEN I convinced (forced) Molly to hit up the Manlius farmers’ market with me.  Little did I know the “market” consisted of 3 tables.  But I walked away with some dinner ingreedz, and a lovely autumnal drive where we each commented on the “beautiful foliage” at least once every 2 miles.  We also drove down a dirt road — how adventurous and spontaneous — where a lady stood at the end brushing her horse and shot us the stink eye so hard that I thought she would shout “Get off my lawn” like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino.

Then I came home and engaged in some light reading about 18th century slavery.  What a great read.

Here’s my loot from the FM…. an acorn squash, an onion, the world’s most itty bitty bulb of garlic, and overpriced but enticingly good dried (chandler) bing cherries.

I wonder what people think when they drive by our street and witness me crouching in the grass snapping shots of food.

Kind of embarrassing.

So after pretending to read for a while, I started on dinner.

I halved the acorn squash.  Wait — has anyone heard Paula Deen say acorn squash????? She says A-kern.  A-KERN. I heard her say it yesterday and it upset me.

Speaking of Paula Deen, today, and this is a direct quote, my roommate asked this of her baked mac ‘n cheese — “I wonder who made butter? It’s just so great.  It makes everything taste better. Butter. Butter, butter, butter.”  Almost a haiku.

Back to the a-CORRRRRN squash.  I cut her in half after scooping out the inards — found out that an ice cream scooper is ideal for this task– and popped her in the oven at 400, open side down in a glass casserole dish filled with about an inch of water.

Then boiled up some brown rice, and added it to a bowl with the dried cherries, chopped walnuts (that I spilled all over the floor … but it’s okay cus I rinsed them), half an apple, diced onion, 3 cloves of garlic, a tablespoon or two of pumpkin seeds, some butter (butter, butter, butter), salt and pepp and almond milk.

After all this business was taken care of, I stuffed the half-cooked squash with the mixture.  Back to some unfortunate reading.

After about 45 minutes longer in the ove, this happened:

And because I endorse sticking to a balanced diet, I consumed an entire pint of B&J’s chubby hubby.  I wish the pretzels actually had a crunch, and I also wish my heart would stop palpitating.

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