A Very Merry 422 Thanksgiving

The wine: flowing. The laughter: abundant. Blah ,blah, blah we ate a lot of deliciousness.

We, the ladies of 422 (plus our house pet, Colin) decided to host a pre-Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving dinner.

I don’t know why we didn’t think of doing this sooner.

Svedka, crackers, a medley of cheese, cool whip, reddi whip and wine.  All the components of a classy meal.

Anna roasted some garlic and olive oil rubbed asparagus.  Look, we eat veggies!

I made two squash dishes.  The left one is delicata squash and carnival squash with dill, olive oil, onion and lemon (salt and pepper too).  The right one is candied walnuts, pumpkin, apple, acorn squash, brown sugar, apple cider, and freshly squeezed oj.

Priyanka whipped up a fun quinoa dish with corn, olives, tomato, cheese and black beans.  We are very traditional with our Thanksgiving dishes.  The pilgrims definitely served this.

Can’t have enough mashed potatoes.  Liz wins for pro mashing skills.

Tara cooked up the biscuits.  And Brenna made apple sauce.  And pie! Colin brought pie and both cool whip and reddi whip… just in case.  The rotisserie chicken stood in as our impromptu turkey.  Works for me.


We are so domestic.  Happy almost Thanksgiving!


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