Desk, Shmesk.

My apologies in advance for a lackluster week of posts.  No grocery store outings until two weeks from now unless absolutely necessary… ergo crappy posts.

Plus we have that whole pre-Thanksgiving-break-lots-of-assignments-due-week going on.

But here’s dinner:

Lemon pepper salmon and a salad of corn, carrot and apple in honey mustard.  Easy, peasy.

Thank goodness my bag of Hershey’s kisses is still going strong.  Otherwise I lied before when I said I’m avoiding the grocery store this week.

Highlight of the day:  Our mag pitch went over swimmingly and we got a “great pitch.”  I’ll take it.

Instead of doing work tonight (this is becoming a common theme) I rearranged my bedroom and force fit my desk in my closet.  Definitely don’t need a desk when I’m not using it.  Duh.

Buenas noches.


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