Today was a day

Tragedy struck today when I bit my lip.

For breakfast I wanted to make an egg bake… then realized we had no small oven-safe vessels for this endeavor.  Tragic.

So instead I did this:


I sauteed some onions and orange pepper until they softened up into a layer on the bottom of a small pan.  Then I cracked two eggs over it, topped it with some cheddar and tomato slices and put a lid on it to cook the top.  I ate it over some warmed up greens.

Then I misplaced my memory card — also tragic — and had to use my phone’s camera instead.

Over breakfast in bed (this has proven dangerous and messy for me in the recent past) I checked out some links my father graced my inbox with this fine Sunday morning:


Turkey Tutorial

World’s Hottest Pepper

That pepper looks heinous.  Not for me.

And I’m not on turkey duty for Thanksgiving, but I’ll hang onto this one until the task is in my hands.  And as far as the ginger goes… this one is most pertinent to me because every time I buy fresh ginger it gets moldy before I use it all.  Thanks, Dad!

Counting down til turkey and pumpkin pie.


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