My Parents Make Friends at Bars.

Mom and Dad busted in for the weekend, and while I worked on Friday, they went to Skaneateles and did fun things (without me).  I made them go to Patisserie just to take a whiff of the outrageously good smell inside the little bakery.  My Dad grabbed a muffin and allegedly loved it.  Then, with the suggestion of my editor at the P-S, we went to Riley’s for dinner.  What a fun little restaurant.

It’s situated in the middle of a residential area and looks like a blown up version of a store front in a Christmas Village with Christmas lights strung around the windows’ perimeters and dark wood lining the walls and ceilings.  We sat at the bar for a good forty minutes until we were seated, but it’s okay because my Mom obviously made friends with a local couple and picked their brains for other new restaurants to try.  And at the same time my Dad asked a white-haired man (who looked like he just got off the boat from Ireland) where he purchased his cable-knit wool sweater because, “my daughter wants it.”

Saturday morning we decided to pop by Freedom of Espresso in Fayetteville before we drove to Cazenovia for the day.

Chai Latte

Dad said, I’ll have what you’re having.  So I ordered us up some chai lattes.  I asked for mine with skim, and since Phil thinks skim is just yellow water, I kept his as is.  When the barista called out a skinny chai and a chai latte, he inquired if his was a chubby chai.  I have a feeling that wouldn’t be all that marketable.

In Cazenovia we went to the farmers market and checked out the overpriced boutiques.  Then we stopped at Dave’s Diner for lunch which really isn’t much of a diner but good nonetheless.

On the way back we walked around the lake.

And took some horrendous self-timer photos.




And after taking a few wrong turns, we found this!

For dinner we went to Pascal’s (a suggestion from Mom’s new friends at the bar) to celebrate my roommates’ birthdays.

It. Was. So. Good.

Salmon B-day

I had the maple-soy glazed salmon and here’s one of the birthday treats — flourless chocolate cake.

Glad my parents could get away from the snow and I could spend some time with them (and avoid going to the grocery store).


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