Phil & Lori Pop In



I have little to no food in the house.  But I refuse to go to the grocery store because Mom and Dad swooped in for the weekend.

I’d like to think they came to see my shining face, but the storm knocked out their power last Saturday, and the house is registering at 45 degrees.  I’m going to make the educated guess that a heated hotel room had a lot to do with their visiting me… on a Thursday.

This morning I made oats on the stove which, even though it takes far longer, is much more voluminous and tasty.

I threw in some fresh cranberries with almond milk, water, oats, chia seeds, pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, a dash of salt, some honey and cinnamon.  Topped it all off with walnuts and pumpkin seeds (pepitas if we want to sound fancy).

And after meeting my parents for dinner — bbq chicken salad at Faegan’s …soooo goood (but they didn’t have avocado!) — I did nearly everything I could to avoid writing a paper that’s due tomorrow.  Like stringing these lights over my radiator – an obvious fire hazard, but aesthetically pleasing.

And unnecessarily doing laundry.

And watching sex and the city.

And vacuuming.

And making coffee when I would rather be sleeping.  Oooops.

Here’s to going to work tomorrow while my parents entertain themselves.  And here’s to the dinner they’re buying me after that.


2 responses to “Phil & Lori Pop In

  • Sharon

    You would think since I was without power for a week that I would catch up on TV, do laundry, run the dishwasher, curl my hair, anything that requires catching up with power etc……….not……jumped on to read this fantastic blog and catch up with Nicole! Yes my first thought was those cute little lit up ornamental balls are a fire hazard, take them off the radiator!

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