Monkeying Around

Last night Anna’s mom and aunt took us to Lemon Grass for Anna’s early birthday dinner.

We go to Lemon Grass every year on Anna’s birthday, and we’ve learned to take it easy on dinner because the desserts are out of control.


I started with a lychee martini.


Then the butternut squash soup (also out of control good) with coconut shrimp and pine nuts.


Then I had a roasted beet and goat cheese salad.  Sorry Dad, I know you hate beets.

-Lively Run goat cheese, baby beets from Fabius Farm, slaw of Lafayette Granny Smith apples, braised white raisins, toasted hazelnuts and olive oil.  Served with homemade Greek yogurt, honey and tarragon vinaigrette.


And for dessert.  Holy nuts.

Banana creme brulee

Frozen-triangle shaped-banana mousse and warm banana fritters  on top of banana-milk chocolate creme brulee

So fantastic.

And Halloween began with a sock monkey (no one understood it, but I was warm), Pebbles and a pirate.

I embarrassingly crocheted the hat.  But at least I didn’t make the entire outfit myself, as my mother assumed.

I mean … kind of close?

The ladies of the house …


And after this morning’s laaate brunch at Mom’s Diner, I broke into the bag of candy Anna’s Aunt Kate gave us.

Chocolate covered oreo…. shaped like a pumpkin.  Thanks, Aunt Kate.


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