Pumpkin Falsities

This morning, when I woke up bright and early for my 8am class, I found the latest CNY Signature I wrote for the paper:

Bohemian Beans Full Story

Later with breakfast, I appropriately cracked open my bag of pumpkin spice coffee I bought from Donna at Bohemian Beans.

I bought this mug at a thrift store last year…. I couldn’t resist.  Why are these pandas on roller skates?

For breakfast I mixed some vanilla hemp powder into plain yogurt.

The color is clearly not appealing, so I topped it with some fun stuff.

Some of this:

Dad bought Jillian and me a jar of pumpkin butter (to go with the pumpkin beer he bought us?).  Jillian likes it in yogurt and I love it with cream cheese on an english muffin.

I also added a banana, some chopped cashews and cinnamon.  The perfectly ripe banana and the dollop of pumpkin butter sweetened everything up plenty.

Since I have a clear problem obsession with pumpkin, my Uncle grabbed me this ^

He actually sells pumpkins  (the ones you carve, not eat), and informed us that most canned pumpkin is simply squash because its more economical and efficient considering pumpkins have more seedy goo than say, a butternut squash.  Jillian said she checked the labels of a few pumpkin purees which did in fact prove his point.  My cans say 100% pure pumpkin, but check out this article for the truth: Canned Pumpkin on Apartment Therapy

Aaaand… stay tuned for some crochet business.  I think.  If time permits, I’m about to get hooky for Halloween.


2 responses to “Pumpkin Falsities

  • Jillian

    Editor’s note: I didn’t actually look on labels, I just found articles that seemed to prove his point. I wonder if the manufacturers can get around this falsity by saying “100% Pumpkin” because Uncle Rich told us butternut squash is also referred to as “Neck Pumpkin.”

  • nicole mcdermott

    You’re darn right about the neck pumpkin… I completely forgot what he used as the name, but I guess they all fall within the same family so Libby’s and other companies can get away with it.

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