Sweaty Gym Socks

This morning I screwed up my original plan for breakfast.  While at the gym I spent my time thinking about what my next meal would be, as is usual, and created a seemingly perfect protein pancake recipe in my head.

And came home to mix it up:

-2 Tablespoons oats

-1 Tablespoon whole wheat flour

-2 Teaspoons applesauce

-15g vanilla hemp powder

-1 Teaspoon chia seeds

-1/2 Teaspoon baking powder

-1/2 Teaspoon vanilla extract

-Sweetener of choice

-Pinch of salt

-Some almond milk and water until a pancake consistency is met

Then I let it chill out in the fridge while I showered and interviewed someone for my final mag story on the Chobani greek yogurt plant and New York state dairy production.

Then when I came back, the chia seeds gelled perfectly, so I added a little water to thin it out.  I greased the pan a bit and poured three cute silver dollar pancakes.

Unfortunately they stuck.  Then they royally lost shape.

So here’s what happened:

Since they were so moist, I melded the cooked anemones to make an oat-bake-thing.  It tasted the way it was supposed to, so I guess that semi makes up for how unappetizing it looks.

After class and another Chobani related interview, I finally drove my bum to the grocery store.  My sister considers clothes shopping retail therapy.  I consider grocery shopping retail therapy.

Had a lovely 10 minute chat with a woman by the coffee grinder.

Then 10 exchange students in soccer uniforms bombarded me in the imported foods aisle after they spotted THEIR chocolate and I was standing directly in front of it.  They pummeled past me like it held some sort of magical powers.  I don’t blame them…  I would do the same thing.

With my goods I made this for dinner:

Tofu Shirataki noodles (weird, I know.  But I like the chewy texture) with garden veggie tomato sauce, a little bit of cream cheese for extra creaminess, diced onions, pepper and shredded parm.  I let it all hang out in a skillet and simmer for a bit so the noodles could soak up the sauce.

And this:

Looks like Christmas.

Brussels sprouts and cranberries heated up with salt, honey, and lemon juice.

Now to the socks.  When I told Liz I’d never had Brussels sprouts before she said, “They taste smelly.  They don’t smell, but they taste like they should smell like a sweaty gym sock.”

Okay, a fair assessment.  After today’s taste test, I think I’ll agree that they should be stinky… but they’re not.  They have a hint of broccoli flavor, but with added bitterness.  I’ll have to experiment with them.  Maybe a long roast would mellow them out some.

Then I asked Liz if one could eat raw cranberries.  So obviously we tried them before I cooked them and realized that this was a poor decision.  But I was happy with the above bowl.

For dessert I mixed up some cottage cheese, maple syrup and pumpkin puree — lazy man’s pumpkin pie cheesecake.

The socks resurfaced an hour later when I filled Liz in on my Chobani story and she said “greek yogurt gives me the heeby jeebies… o0o0o like sweaty gym socks.”


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