Some Minor Mishaps

This morning I had salad for breakfast.  Sounds weird, right?

Well the French do it.  So there.

When we were in New Zealand a few months ago, we grabbed breakfast at a French restaurant and bakery one morning… and lightly dressed greens accompanied our eggs.  Seems a little odd, but I liked the egg and greens combo, even sans ketchup.  I mean I do throw a fried egg on salads every once in a while, so I guess it’s kind of the same.

But seriously… how stinking cute is this place?  I would die to go back there and order everything on the menu.

For lunch I had a minor mishap.  Just the first of many today.  My sister recently asked me why my baking and cooking experiments tend to fail so rarely.

Not true, Jillian.

Today I hastily mixed up a can of tuna, some red beans, diced onion, and that crazy good chipotle mustard I bought yesterday.  With the kind of pasty quality (that sounds nasty) of the beans, and the high moisture content of the tuna, plus the glue-like effect of the mustard, I thought I could form patties worthy of grilling.


I should have added egg and breadcrumbs.  But I didn’t.  So instead my concoction made for a mess on the grill and two crumbly excuses for tuna burgers.  Well now I know.

Sooooo instead I threw the reject tuna into a pita with some lettuce.  It still tasted good, so at least I have that going for me.

Then I sipped on a massive mug of minty green tea.  Full bodied, yes.  Pleasing, yes.  Comforting… maybe a little.  I just like the minty mouth feel.

And (here is an abridged version) since I was planning on interviewing for a story (due tomorrow) until about 8:30 tonight, I roasted this squash up so I could have it with dinner when I got home.

But, I ran into a major writer’s uh oh.  Long story short, the story fell through (no one’s fault, just an emergency)… So now I’m mildly (very) screwed.  Again, nobody’s fault, but I better have some sort of plan B epiphany sooner rather than later.  Luckily there are far worse things in the world, and it’s one of those little reminders that sometimes deadlines simply can’t be met… or that a plan B,C, or D needs to be employed.


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