Boyz II Men = Disgusting II clean

After such a stellar presentation I gave today on an outrageously compelling slave trade narrative (i’m being facetious) I treated myself to a little grocery shopping break.

And dinner looked a little something like this:

A hodge podge of sorts:

Turkey Burger — turkey, an egg white, crushed cereal (can you tell I had no bread crumbs?), blue cheese, salt and pepper AND this….

This mustard ended up being incredibly spicy but I want to slather it on everything.  They got it right when they said “terrific on burgers.”

The rest of the salad consisted of cukes, red onion, sauteed parsnips, tomatoes and elbows with parm.

My mouth was on fiiiiire.

And here’s my pre-grocery-run breakfast:

I defrosted a slice of the banana-pumpkin bread from last week (freezing makes it so I don’t devour an entire loaf in one sitting), a scoop of peanut butter chia oats with walnuts on top and an orange I nabbed from the gym … allegedly massive bowls of free fruit at the gym every Monday promotes healthy eating all week.  Well, I’ll take the free fruit anyway.

And so carried on another manic Monday.  I dislike Mondays.  Mondays mean no lunch.

After dinner though, instead of writing the essay that I waited to start until tonight (due date: tomorrow) Liz and I scurried around the apartment and scrubbed the premises until it was no longer disgusting… all the while singing screaming various Boyz II Men, 98 degrees, Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey hits.  Sorry, neighbs.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I have a bajillion interviews lined up for the paper and for school… but they all look like they’ll be fun.

Preview: Some of this, a bakery and the home of a chronic cookbook collector.  More to come.

Can’t wait to try this at the gym tomorrow.  So excellent.


One response to “Boyz II Men = Disgusting II clean

  • Jillian

    I feel bad that I can’t properly credit where i got this fact from because I don’t remember who told it to me but someone once told me that the Spice Girls channel on Panera is where it’s at…and that person was correct. You should def try it.

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