Weekend Wrap Up

What a perfect weekend.  We grabbed breakfast at Mom’s diner this morning — Sunday breakfast sandwiches are key.

The weather allowed for some bbq action, outdoor homework (far better than indoor homework), picnicking and most importantly people watching.

Thank you to the classy young man that screamed “I love girls that grill!!!” when he drove by us.

Other notable occurrences witnessed from the front lawn:

-Fire emitted from a muffler and the consequential sound of gunfire

-A jacked up truck drive by while its owner honked his undoubtedly illegal horn

-Two grown women allow their pocket-sized dogs to poo on our front lawn… and then leave it there while we watched

-6 presumably 18-year-old boys race down the center of our street and narrowly miss a car

-Twelve thousand Jimmy John’s drivers.  So many drivers.  So many sandwiches.


S’mores in October.  Yesssss.

I have little to no food in the house.  I mean I guess I’ll get to the store when it’s absolutely necessary.

Dinner tonight: Chili lime turkey with peppers and onions, b-nut squash filled with pumpkin, and green beans.


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