Count Chocula Comes to Visit

Breakfast Banana Split:  (Alright I know… it’s not as good as the real thing)

Banana, shcoop of pumpkin, shcoop of yogurt, almonds, maple-flavored agave syrup, dried cherries, and Kashi autumn harvest.

+ Green mountain morning blend with pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice. Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin.  I want to bathe in pumpkin.

Lunch: Spinach, goat cheese, figs, pecans, pistachios, balsamic, salt and pepp.

By 12:00…. nut quota for the day: check.

And, look!

I saw our lovely neighbor, Abe (or shall I call him our abe-or) at the gym.  And obviously the first thing he asked me was,

“Do you like pancakes?”


Duh.  So Abe popped by later to offer up some breakfast goodies that his friends left a few weekends ago. Thanks!

Krusteaz?  Confused.

After a cranky Monday I made an early dinner of pineapple, pumpkin grilled cheese (kind of) and some sort of …. hot… breakfast… salad… side?

The pumpkin business — a pita filled with pumpkin puree, parm, mozz, ricotta, salt and pepper.  So it wouldn’t ooze too much on the grill, I only cut open the top to stuff it, and then cut all the way through after.

The salad business – wilted spinach with salt and pepp, topped with caramelized onions, avocado, and an egg.  Ketchup joined in on the fun, post picture taking.

Then yogurt with crushed gingersnaps, followed by the thickest nap ever.  I woke up and thought it was morning… had no idea where I was… nearly forgot my name.

I’m going to divulge something embarrassing.  Last night I could not get my arse to fall asleep.  So naturally I do what any 21st century 21 year old does — download a sleep hypnosis app.

I listened to it three times.

“Imagine a blue balloon.  On the blue balloon… the words ‘worry’ and ‘stress’…. let go of the balloon.  Watch it drift into the sky.  It’s gone.  Your worries and your stress…. gone.  Look down the sandy beach.  There! Do you see it?  A bed covered in white linens.  You walk down the sandy path to the bed.  You get in.  It is the most comfortable bed you have ever been in.  Ahhh… relax.”

There was a whole lot of this, and a whole lot of jaw relaxing and breathing and listening to waves.  It didn’t work.


2 responses to “Count Chocula Comes to Visit

  • Jillian

    I might start listening to that hypnosis thing, if only to feel a little lighter and nicer…maybe i’ll even stop snapping at people. I need a little more hippie in me some days, ya know? I’m not sure who gave us the pumpkin addiction gene, but lately my cravings have been satisfied with pumpkin coffees and lattes (duh) and plain yogurt mixed with a spoonful of pumpkin butter. Holy deliciousness batman.

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