Politically Incorrect Lunch

This morning I concocted a pan-sized pancake.  I filled our mini skillet right to the edges with a batter (not an easy flip, may I add) consisting of pumpkin puree, oats, a little whole wheat pastry flower, 2 egg whites, chia seeds, baking pow, milk, a hint of salt and some agave (maple flavored).  Topped with pecans, some more agave syrup, and a banana on the side.  Pumpkin and ricotta for dipping.  This puppy held me over til 3:30 when class ended.

But by then my tummy was a grumblin, and I scavenged my recent grocery store treasures to make a Mexican salad.  Probably not authentically Mexican, but we’ll go with it anyway.

This brings me to the notion of the “Asian Salad.”  Asia is massive.  Asia deals with a whole lot of varying food influences.  Henceforth an Asian salad could lead to a million different variations.  This is why I have a slight issue with overarching continental-themed dishes.

But, my nation-inspired salad included greens dressed in lime juice, honey, olive oil and balsamic, topped with ground turkey and beans that cooked up in lime juice and salsa.  On the side — jicama, tomato, salsa (can’t. get. enough.), mozz, corn, and avocado.  Lots of my faves all on one plate– huge proponent of not tossing salads.

My dinner proved to be mildly unconventional, but we’ll dub this a judge free zone.  It consisted of a series of bowls of yogurt, followed by an ample amount of chocolate and gingersnaps, and a shared bowl of popcorn over a season 1 episode of Arrested Development.  All so fantastic.  Gingersnaps = one of the very best fall cookies.

Here’s the piece I wrote last week on the Tipp Hill Cafe’s breakfast sandwich.  Thanks Julie!

CNY Signature: Tipp Hill

So happy for it to reach 5:30 pm tomorrow.  Aaaaaaand our girl Maria will be blowing up our house for the weekend.  Watch out Syracuse.


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