Figalicious Def.

As promised, I tore up Wegman’s today.  First thing I was dying to make — a fig and goat cheese pizza.  Too famished to make dough (I considered it for all of 30 seconds) I used a pita instead.  For a little protein I smashed up white beans with ricotta.  Then added diced onion, figs, basil and goat cheese.  Figs …. are…. dope.

Next time I’d like to try making more of a fig/goat cheese tart.  There are nearly 4,000 of them on the internet (not that I’ve researched).

Revelation: salad looks uglier when you toss it.  Dressing- balsamic, lemon juice and honey mustard.

Then for dessert I played around with cookie dough dip.  This is also flying around the internet.

Don’t be upset, but beans serve as the base for this “cookie dough” but everything else is essentially the same (baking powder, chocolate chips, salt, sweetener, oats, coconut oil, almond milk)… all food processed.  So I guess you could call it dessert hummus.  Chill it in the freezer and it’s even better.

And then I mean… I ate it with a spoon.  Disturbed yet? My housemates were.

Also… this morning, I rolled up to Stella’s Diner for the breakfast scramble interview for the Post Standard.  Chef Judy served up Stella’s fan-fave fretta — scrambled eggs, sausage, ham, pepperoni, broccoli, onion, mushrooms, peppers and homefries.  HOLY NUTS.  The size of this plate — MAAAAASSIVE.   I felt like a jerk leaving 75% of it there… but it was seriously impossible to tackle.  Then I drove to the office and proceeded to lose my completed document and have to re-write it.  Oops.


One response to “Figalicious Def.

  • Jillian

    All your fig eating lately has gotten me excited to start singing our favorite holiday song, opera style:

    Oh bring us some figgy puddinggggggggg…

    la la la la la la!

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