I Ain’t No Grandmaw

This is not a giant thimble.

Instead it serves as a tea-steeper for this funny little contraption —

Thanks to Liz for the killer birthday prez — a travel tea tumbler.

Tonight I tea-balled instead.  Hehehehehehehehehehehe.

But on the realz, I have a serious tea collection that I sort of forget about sometimes.  Tea goes in phases for me while coffee stands in as a complete necessity.

I’ll spare you the food photos since I ate the exact same two meals as yesterday — an egg white omelet and the other half of the stuffed acorn squash.

But since I just proved how geriatric I am with my tea collection, I’d like to take the opportunity to pretend I’m really adventurous, as evidenced by the activities I engaged in while abroad…. here are a few highlights —

Let me begin with the ballsiest of all ballsy (mom calls this chutzpa)– Bungee jumping.

I wish I had a better picture, but I assure you, that this photo does in fact depict me dangling by my ankles with my shirt flopped over my face … obstructing my vision.  I may or may not have shed a lone tear whilst walking up the neverending stairs to the bungee platform.  Then had to wait for about 40 people to jump before my turn, which consequently came once it was completely dark out.

This one kills me.  White water rafting grade-four rapids proved to be one of the most hilarious but also terrifying experiences ever.  I landed in our guide’s lap on more than one occasion.  Please note all of our faces.

Snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef.

Tamed wild roos, while looking super fashionable in sneaks.

Swam under a massive waterfall — a struggle to get to.

Endured (and I mean that) a 7-hour glacier hike in New Zealand… sans restroom.

Bolted “Fat Bottomed Girls” at Karaoke night

And to really try and prove I ain’t no gramma —

… won a limbo contest at a bar.

I hope I convinced you how hip and adventurous I am with this post, because things will undoubtedly become progressively more old-lady-like.


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