Corn not Kern

Today was a glorious day.  Promptly at 10am, I flung open my bedside window, and surprise, surprise… it was gorgeous out.

This weekend a few friends who studied abroad with us drove up to visit.  An iced Americano from Recess + a BMC from Mom’s Diner + Aussie ladies = a happy morning.

Hint: BMC = Moms’ fancy acronym for a broccoli, mushroom, and cheese egg white omelet.

THEN I convinced (forced) Molly to hit up the Manlius farmers’ market with me.  Little did I know the “market” consisted of 3 tables.  But I walked away with some dinner ingreedz, and a lovely autumnal drive where we each commented on the “beautiful foliage” at least once every 2 miles.  We also drove down a dirt road — how adventurous and spontaneous — where a lady stood at the end brushing her horse and shot us the stink eye so hard that I thought she would shout “Get off my lawn” like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino.

Then I came home and engaged in some light reading about 18th century slavery.  What a great read.

Here’s my loot from the FM…. an acorn squash, an onion, the world’s most itty bitty bulb of garlic, and overpriced but enticingly good dried (chandler) bing cherries.

I wonder what people think when they drive by our street and witness me crouching in the grass snapping shots of food.

Kind of embarrassing.

So after pretending to read for a while, I started on dinner.

I halved the acorn squash.  Wait — has anyone heard Paula Deen say acorn squash????? She says A-kern.  A-KERN. I heard her say it yesterday and it upset me.

Speaking of Paula Deen, today, and this is a direct quote, my roommate asked this of her baked mac ‘n cheese — “I wonder who made butter? It’s just so great.  It makes everything taste better. Butter. Butter, butter, butter.”  Almost a haiku.

Back to the a-CORRRRRN squash.  I cut her in half after scooping out the inards — found out that an ice cream scooper is ideal for this task– and popped her in the oven at 400, open side down in a glass casserole dish filled with about an inch of water.

Then boiled up some brown rice, and added it to a bowl with the dried cherries, chopped walnuts (that I spilled all over the floor … but it’s okay cus I rinsed them), half an apple, diced onion, 3 cloves of garlic, a tablespoon or two of pumpkin seeds, some butter (butter, butter, butter), salt and pepp and almond milk.

After all this business was taken care of, I stuffed the half-cooked squash with the mixture.  Back to some unfortunate reading.

After about 45 minutes longer in the ove, this happened:

And because I endorse sticking to a balanced diet, I consumed an entire pint of B&J’s chubby hubby.  I wish the pretzels actually had a crunch, and I also wish my heart would stop palpitating.


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