Fall Favorites and Lifetime Loathed

My dad likes to send me an obscene number of links — often thrice daily.  But I love it and he knows me well enough that I essentially have my own little internet-research-personal-shopper.  Here’s a link he sent this morning, with the comment:

“Check out all these (ex. the one w/beets) Yummo! (R.R.)”

Let me first explain that Phil has a big ‘ole crush on Rachael Ray.  So there’s that.

He also has a lovely little form of short hand that sometimes takes a few minutes to decipher.

Secondly, if one food exists on this earth that Philsie DESPISES — it’s beets.  He will eat anything, anything… even when I force feed him weirdo foods he has never tried before.  But beets possess some sort of heinous quality to him, that he shudders anytime they’re within 5 feet.

I don’t know what beets ever did to him.


This leads me to ask… what one food do you absolutely despise?

I’m going to have to think on this one myself.



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