Veggies and Eggies

Here’s something my sister posted on my wall:
Grandpa: That’s pretty cool that thing Nicole writes…the glob
Grandma: No honey, the blog
Grandpa: Yeah, the blob

Please excuse this horrendous photo.  I was too damn hungry to keep at it.

After grabbing a lemon ginger iced tea from Recess — there’s something so spectacular about drinking a chilled beverage from a mug instead of a glass — I ran in the house (actually ran) and snatched everything in sight from the fridge.  One skillet sauteed shrooms, broccoli, corn and kidney beans while the other held the egg whites.  I clearly have a problem with over-stuffing my omelets.  Hot-sauced salsa on the side.  And some carrots a-la-mom  — cinnamon, lemon juice (she uses orange) and a touch of honey.

And then the most awful thing happened.

I hit the bottom of my bag of chocolate.


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