Meatless (Lunchless) Mondays

Mondays are Mondays… but to add insult to injury, my Mondays are lunch-less.

I managed a banana en route to my third class since I’m absolutely an every-four-hours eater.  But Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays leave no space for a conventional mid-day meal which means I throw some nuts, crackers or a piece of fruit in my bag and sneak it in when I can.

Today I was stahhhving by 5:30.

A sunshine burger with mozz, balsamic glaze (my first time making it — not only is it easy, but its super flavorful) and avocado hummus (thanks Tara for the suggestion) for dipping.  And some grilled pineapple to round off the summer season.

Tonight I learned sunshine burgers don’t perform bun-less as well as other meatless burgers.  They sort of crumble when tackled with a fork — but tasty nonetheless.

I popped some extra protein in the veg-bowl — Trader Joe’s lemon chili almonds (dope) — with cukes, carrots and shrooms.  Just salt & pepp to dress.

Then I had a massive bowl of yogurt with pumpkin pie spice and gingersnaps.  I need to bake this weekend. Preferably some sort of pumpkin something.

Tomorrow I’m hitting up the mall for a mag story… more to come on this one if all goes as planned.  Things might get a little hairy… uh wink wink.


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