This morning I tried my hand at a caffeinated-pumpkiny-beverage.  I say this for lack of an espresso making device, so it’s not quite a pumpkin latte.  It does, however, feature some foamed milk (milk that I aggressively shook in a jar for about 30 seconds until it tripled in volume).  Then I added some pumpkin pie spice and some pumpkin puree stirred in.  We’ll call it pumpkin spice coffee.

Not half bad, but there’s nothing like the overly-sugary goodness of a pumpkin latte from Starbucks or Recess (better than ‘Bucks).

Last night I popped some oats, pumpkin, chia seeds, milk, cinnamon and a touch of salt into this mug to set in the fridge while I snoozed.  It makes for a quicker cooking time in the morning.  Walnuts, a drizzle of honey and a couple of gingersnaps topped it off this morning.

I like saving the snaps for last because they soften up in the warm oats.  Cookies for breakfast?!?!?!

Let’s talk chia.  The seeds I toss in my oats? — the same suckers that kids (or not) use to grow chia pets.

They have this neat property that allows them to absorb an absurd amount of liquid.  That’s why I love them in oats — they increase the volume and fluffiness tenfold.  Chia enthusiasts call this chia gel — if we want to get scientific here, they absorb over 12 times their weight in liquid.

But, if seeing black spots that look peppery in your sweet breakfast meal is disconcerting, opt for the white ones.  Two tablespoons of seeds provide 137 cals, 11g fiber (bingo!), 9g good-for-you fats, 4g protein and even 18% of your daily calcium needs.  And hey, they’re also good for digestion — can’t complain.  Plus they don’t need to be refrigerated like flax.

I’ve never really baked with them, but allegedly they work wonders for the texture of baked goods.  Sometimes I sprinkle them onto food — salads, cold cereal — and nix the gel idea all together.

As much as I’m not exactly a Birkenstock-wearing, dread-headed, only-raw-food-consuming girl, I think its fun to experiment with different seeds, nuts, and protein sources that may be a little out of the ordinary.  Mind you — I’m certainly no doctor or registered dietitian — these are just ideas I’ve come across over the last few months.


2 responses to “Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia

  • Jillian

    Don’t forget the Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Coffee if you want something different then a latte. Yum yum it is so good! I just ask for 1 pump of syrup instead of their usual three for less sugar and less calories but all the pumkiny flavor!

    I think I am up to about 8 or 9 pumpkin drinks this season…

    And it’s been two weeks…

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