Butt Sammich

Din = Butt Sammich (hehehe) – 1 Bread-Loaf Butt + shmear Crofter’s superfruit spread + carrot white bean hummus

c.w.b hummus — some cannelinni beans, carrots, salt and pepp, lemon juice, a spoonful of plain Greek yogurt — all spun around in the food processor.

Why does everyone dislike bread butts?

Salad — spinach, carrot, apple, cukes, pumpkin seeds, lemon juice and a drizzle of tahini on top.

Let’s talk tahini and seeds.  But first! — I ordered my first pumpkin spice latte of the season from ‘Bucks this morning.


Insanely good.  Found some recipes online for the stuff that I will have to try once I get my hands on some pumpkin.  They also had samples of their salted caramel mocha frapp — too sweet for me.  But they were playing Sam Cooke when I walked in.  I guess Starbucks ain’t so bad after all.

Back to the seed business.  So tahini is ground sesame seeds, often used in hummus.  The paste adds a pretty potent nutty taste to whatever you drizzle or spread it on — but definitely not the same nuttiness as peanut butter or almond butter (or any nut butter for that matter).  Sesame seeds contain sesamin and sesamolin — lignans — which have been shown to lower cholesterol and prevent high blood pressure.  This is the point where we say blah blah blah who cares.  BUT — Sesamin has also been found to protect the liver from oxidative damage (hello college students!).

Now, pumpkin seeds.  While I’m obsessed with pumpkins, their green seeds’ taste profile is far from the fruit itself.  Over the summer I made pumpkin-seed-butter (pumpkin seeds processed into a paste), but I wasn’t thrilled with the sea-foam green result that tasted almost bitter.  I do like them as a crunchy topper for salads or oatmeal though.  And pumpkin seeds, like sesame seeds, are a good source of manganese as well as a handful of other minerals.

Another reason I go for seeds — the protein and healthy fats.  Two tablespoons of pumpkin seeds contain 5g of protein and the same amount of tahini contains 6g.  Not as much as peanut butter, but if I’m in nut overload, seeds are a nice change.

Let’s get this straight though — I won’t say no to a good burger, steak, chili (as long as its outrageously spicy), meatballs, and all sorts of chicken/turkey meals, but I don’t prepare meat dishes at home very often.  So when I’m at a restaurant I try my best to order a dish with some solid protein.

I steered clear of meat up until I went away to school (for no particular reason aside from being a picky eater), then decided I needed to try all foods I have access to at least once — even if I end up hating them.

Alligator, kangaroo, eel, octopus, chicken hearts, venison — eaten ’em all.  Some day I’ll have to share my experience at Churrasco— the Brazilian restaurant in Australia that stops serving you food only when you ask them to stop.  It was CRAZY.

Dessert — chocolate squares and greek yogz with blueberries, cinnamon and shredded coconut.

Happy almost weekend.


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