No Time to Cook & Wild Eats

Preface: I did not make this.

Tonight I grabbed a wrap from Syra-Juice–

and I asked for some turkey.  It was great except the ranch was nonexistent.

They coat the chips with cheeky monkey pixie dust — a “seasoning for everything.” The chunky salsa was sweet and worked well with the pixie dust. Still bummed about the ranch though.

And eh hem, who decides to put a gym with windows facing directly toward Subway and Syra-Juice?  This whole Syra-Juice business will happen again.

Yesterday I forgot to mention this wild tid-bit from my weight management, obesity and disordered eating class (why must classes have such lengthy names?).  Look at THIS: Eating Records

It’s the major league eating website.  We scrolled through the records page.  Oooooookay….

Here are the most discussion worthy competitions (at least I say so):

-Blueberry Pie (Hands Free) – ya know… really?

Butter – 7 quarter-pound sticks of the salted stuff in 5 minutes.  Don Lerman, you dog, you.

Maine Lobster/Kennebunk – First off I love it here.  Secondly, 44 — FOURTY FOUR ?!?! lobsters in 12 minutes?

-And here’s the pinnacle of stomach churning, terrifying, competitive eating – Mayonnaise – 4 32-ounce bowls in 8 minutes.  No stinking way.


My favorite is that the site showcases repeat winners… the same few people show up over and over again.  How. Do. They. Do. It.

And my faja emailed me this today — the  This will be added to my unnecessary food “research” time.

Best Food Scenes In Movies  — This piqued my interest first.  I’m upset they didn’t include the chocolate-cake eating scene from Matilda.

Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph in a new show = genius.  It’s Wednesday, which means its nearly Friday night.  Right?




One response to “No Time to Cook & Wild Eats

  • Jillian

    Another noteworthy wednesday night show: top chef just desserts…tonight they are recreating willy wonkas chocolate factory. Need I say more? Jake and I are snuggling and watching it right now, which is almost as good as Syrajuice…yum!

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