Pesto & Powder

Last night’s dinner was strawberry-pesto pasta salad, so tonight I used the extra pesto in a grilled cheese.  Thank you George Foreman for your assistance.

The salad is a mish-mosh of what’s bumpin around in the fridge, and the dressing is just mustard, balsamic and oil.

I found the pesto recipe on one of my favorite blogs, daily garnish.

And for dessert…

I had some greek yogurt with Annie’s bunny grahams and this…

I’m on my first jar of peanut butter pow, and I like it for its versatility.  I have a serious PB addiction, which far exceeds your blasé pb&j.  I love mixing it in stuff (hello oatmeal!) and I struggled mixing it into yogurt.  It never incorporated nicely, and if I tried melting it down a little it just made the yogurt warm (my life is so hard… wah).  Enter: POW POW … peanut butter POWder.  Success.  For mix-ins, this crazy stuff is bomb (Mom & Dad — that means its really swell).  But for peanut butter and jellies, I think I’ll stick with trusty ‘ole Skippy for spreading’s sake.


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