Fashionably Paranormal Activity

Last week I received my first assignment at the paper … what a hilarious topic — Scare-a-Cuse, Syracuse’s first horror, science fiction and paranormal convention, which I did not attend.  Sorry I’m not sorry.  But there was something so satisfying about popping 75 cents into the newspaper vending machine on Friday and thumbing through a paper with my name printed in it (thankfully not in the police logs).

Here’s the full article.

My next assignment ended up being equally as hilarious — at least for me.  Friday I walked into the office and my editor asked me, “are you into fashion?”  So that’s where this is funny.  I’m quite possibly the least fashionable person I know, unless you equate fashion with comfort.

4 reasons why I don’t do fashion:

1. Overalls: My mother disposed of all of them when I went to college (she denies it… but they’ve vanished).  I wore them at least once a week in high school.  This is why I had so many boyfriends.

2. High Heels: Bad. Bad. Bad.  I tripped down a flight of stairs into a bar — stone-sober — because I had them on my feet.  Recently at DSW I overheard a teenaged girl inform her friend that if your rump sticks out offensively far when you’re walking in heels than you shouldn’t be wearing them.  This is me always.

3. Sweaters:  My father’s sweaters are my jam.  All day, every day.  The bigger, the better.

4. Mama doesn’t dress me anymore: You know Teresa Giudice from the Real Housewives? My mother dressed my sister and I the same way Teresa dresses her children.  Miniature child-women dressed to impress with the latest in kids’ fashion.  Back in the day it was massive bows, hats, floral leggings — all that was the rage in the early ’90s.  I was her very own Jonbenet Ramsey and even sported red lipstick way too many times than was acceptable for a small child.  Once I started dressing myself I rejected all things trendy and girly.  And here we are now with not a lick of pink clothing.

So with my clearly non-extensive fashion knowledge, my next assignment is to write a story about the upcoming fashion show in downtown Syracuse.  Friday was chock full of interviews where I inquired about fall fashions, trends and all else that is completely foreign business to me.  Uncharted territory is supposed to be a learning experience though, right?

But GET THIS…. Just as I was faking fashion expert and chatting it up about paranormal activity, I got the very best news. Ever.

My editor informed me that now I’ll be working closer with Don, the food and drink editor.  Wheeeee! I think I might have dramatically shot my arms back in proper bicep-curl form and projected an exaggerated “Yessssssss” like the obnoxious kid in middle school that answered right in jeopardy or got a perfect score on his geometry quiz.  Everybody knows one of those kids.  Needless to say, I am thrilled to be able to write about food.  My next assignment is CNY Signature where I visit local restaurants and chat up the chef about the one-of-a-kind dish that makes customers drool and come back for more. And I get to eat it with him too.

Here’s one from one of my favorite coffee shops: Recess

Oh and here’s my weekend brush with fame — Just chilling with Knicks guard, Andy Rautins.

This is my second encounter with an ex-orange player if you count that time I ran up to Eric Devendorf, squeezed his bum, giggled and ran away.  Mature and appropriate.


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