Getting Classy Up in 422

Here’s where I am going to tell you what a glamorous life I lead.  This morning it was pouring and I had to be at the paper bright (dreary) and early (“college early”).  The parking spot I nabbed outside the office happened to be the furthest away from the meter…. obviously.  Then I did that awkward trot toward the office building, because every time I try and run in the rain I think of the episode of Myth Busters when the host (that resembles a walrus) informs us that running and walking in the rain produce nearly identical levels of clothes saturation.

Then came the crosswalk (it’s still pouring).  I stared at the dumb red hand, waiting for the flashing man to give me the go ahead as dry business professionals cruised around the corner in their dry cars and soaked my shoes.  I felt like Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City credits when a bus hits a pothole and douses her with puddle water.   Must purchase rain boots.   Once in the office I realized my dress became two-toned since my rain jacket kept the top half dry.  Pretty fashionable.

The classiness continued after blazing home from work with only 10 minutes until I had to leave for class.  I ran in the house, threw on a pair of jeans and Timberlands, ate half a chicken breast with my bare hand (like a barbarian) and brewed up some coffee with the other.

I’ll be honest and say that the orange bbq chicken looked (and tasted) a whole lot better last night when it hadn’t been lounging in the refrigerator.

And here’s a foreshadowing of how I plan to impart some class on the upcoming — and much needed — weekend.  I crafted this beer cozy while watching Love Actually with the neighbs (classy, right?)

Kind of reminds me of a hacky sack.

In other news: Pumpkin Beer hit stores for the fall! whee!


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