Syracuse < Sydney

With the rain, the homework and the transition back to a U.S. course load, it has to be said — I MISS AUSTRALIA.  The majority of photos plastered on my walls hail from Australia and New Zealand, and there are a few other souvies scattered around — I can’t tell if it’s comforting or makes me miss it more.

There’s this little guy perched on my nightstand.  The real ones are exponentially cuter.

Spotted this spoon at a fancy-shmancy club in Sydney and one of my housemates “borrowed” it for me.

Here are the roomies and a baby boomie.  Even though I had a lesson in boomerang throwing (this indeed exists, in case you ever want to polish up your boomie skills), I would undoubtedly injure myself or others if I threw one again.

And this is a chunk of a bungee…. because I nonchalantly bungee jumped (this is a story for another day).  I gifted it to my dad when I flew home, and he insisted I keep it.  I think it nauseated him knowing I jumped off a platform with just this tied around my ankles.

The shell is filled with Aussie and New Zealand currency.  JFK and a Mexican coin made their way in there too.

Here’s a NZ five and a picture of some of my roommates and me at the beach we lived on.  Because we lived on a beaaaaach.

More on Australia — and the beach — to come.


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