Fresh off the press

I never understood coffee addiction… or even casual coffee consumption.  I viewed coffee drinking as a foreign practice that came with adulthood — moms and dads transported the potent substance to work in a travel mug and then sipped it at PTO meetings.  Coffee was simply the adult component of the “Can I interest anyone in coffee or dessert?” when the waitress delivered the bill at the end of a meal.  The adults talked business (whatever that meant) while we kiddies noshed on ice cream sundaes and I proceeded to dole out my maraschino cherry to whomever I liked best that night.

But now I get it.  I finally understand the ritual nature of coffee consumption that transgresses nearly all other everyday beverages.  More on this later…

The point of this post is to tell you about my new toy (and to inform you it was under 10 bucks!)

Who needs one of those fancy-shmancy keurig machines when you can get a fantastic cup of coffee with one of THESE:

A french press.  I was wary of it at first because the little glass carafe and metal plunger seem so archaic.  But — I mean it– this baby makes a great cup of coffee.

One minor detail.  You have to purchase coarsely ground coffee so the grinds don’t escape through the mesh filter.  I have not yet invested in my own coffee grinder (although I would like to for freshness), but I use the grinders at the grocery store.  It’s a cinch, but I’ll admit that I had to ask for help the first time.  You just set the machine to coarse grind, pop in your beans and hit go.

I store mine in a jar for freshness.  It’s best to grind your beans each time you make a cup of coffee, but I stick to grinding about once a week.

I purchased these beans in the Wegman’s organic section.  Recently I ground up some creme brulee beans (also from Weg World), but since its so sweet I’m not a huge fan of it in the morning.

Counting down the days until Recess debuts their pumpkin latte for the season.


2 responses to “Fresh off the press

  • Sharon

    I keep thinking back trying to remember if you ever offered a cherry to me from your sundae since I am your favorite aunt! Great article love the story subject but I do have to admit that my kuerig is soooo much easier at 6 in the morning to take to work than using the french press!!!!! Keep writing I will be watching for new and amusing articles.

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