Folks, we hit the big time.

After all my hopeful prayers (and prepared harassment) we spotted the stand no more than five minutes post arrival.

As elated as I was, I knew I had to save this puppy for last so Anna and I perused the seemingly endless aisles of food stands for lunch.  It had to be 1035 degrees out today so I wasn’t up for my usual Tour de Fair (last year’s tour included some fried oreo, a soft serve cone, a grilled cheese with sliced tomato, some sort of enchilada in the Pan African village topped off with some hard ice cream before we left).  Not lying.

Instead I ordered up some falafel —

And Anna got buff chick and fries.

We digested a bit in the shade and racked up some quality people watching time.  Then we checked out a giant building with honey, no-bake cheesecake, clothing, people with microphone headsets preaching about some sort of magical cookware and other bizarre fair-only stands.  I even stopped by the stand with those crazy bracelets that allegedly increase flexibility and balance.  Well I allege it works.   Anna and I should have been filmed for a low-budget testimonial commercial for the bracelets because we were screaming and making a big scene about how fantastic they were.  But the piece of rope is ugly so I didn’t buy it.  Solid reasoning, I’d say.

The butter sculpture and the sand sculpture were absolutely insane.  But its more insane viewing 75+ fair-goers surrounded by a hexagonal refrigerated case housing creepy-looking butter people.  And what do they do with the butter when the fair is over?  Seems pretty wasteful to me.

But what wasn’t wasteful — cheesecake wedges on a stick.  You could even order them chocolate dipped.  I held out for my banana.

The day’s activities also included this purchase from the Pan African Village (which I HAVE to use for oatmeal):

And a pilgrimage through the dairy barn and many, many rows of cows.

Overall an outrageously successful day.  May the weekend shenanigans commence.


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