Fried oreos — Definitely. Chocolate covered bananas on a stick — Maybe.

Tomorrow we’re taking on the Great New York State Fair.  It’s so “great” that you have to preface it with the word.  See?

Butter sculptures, cows, caramel apples, small children that raise goats, fried ANYTHING, enormous elephants, wine slushies, eggplant fries, crafts, burgers sandwiched between doughnuts, trapeze artists.

It is so excellent.

Check out this gem from last year.

What was not excellent however — last year’s nonexistent chocolate-covered frozen banana on a stick.  My roommate Anna and I were determined to hunt the suckers down but settled with other delicacies before ever finding the nanner on a stick.

Tomorrow is another story.  I’m harassing every fair authority until I find one.  If I see a fair-goer with one in hand, you can bet I’ll shamelessly interrogate the banana enjoyer until a chocolate-covered-items-on-a-stick booth location is revealed.

Wish us luck.


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