The great cheese/ chocolate debate

Cheese or Chocolate.  It’s killing me.

Tonight, while my roommate Liz whipped up her famous baked mac ‘n cheese, I nibbled on twelve too many dove chocolate squares.  Naturally I inquired, if the world simply had to be sans chocolate or sans cheese and you had your choice, which would it be — cheese…. or chocolate?

Then there we were, discussing the intricacies of two of the most sacred (just me?) food items … ever.  If chocolate just up and went extinct on us (I would probably have to rip off all of my limbs in sheer distress) then so too would chocolate fondue, nutella, mousse, syrup, pie, cake, fudge, eclairs, brownies, and chocolate covered strawberries.  And what in god’s name would I do about my godiva rewards club membership???  NO GODIVA!? What about future Willy Wonka remakes?  Would there be no Augustus-falls-into-chocolate-river scene?  It would be awful.

But cheese…. ooey, gooey, silky cheese.  A cheese-less existence would imply no cheese pizza, quesadillas, fondue (at least there would be chocolate fondue), macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, mozzarella sticks, and that ungodly queso skillet perfection from Chili’s. Plus, cheese makes everything better on a George Foreman.  Solely talking logistics, cheese allows for sandwich and panini fixings to stay where they’re supposed to.

I’m torn.  Just like my girl Natalie Imbruglia.  Sing it girl.

Say it ain’t so!


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